How to Avoid Fatigue During Holiday Meal Preparation

The holiday season is a fun filled time where traditional families spend a great deal of time preparing to make lifetime memories. Family gatherings become nostalgic times that are often talked about for years to come. Every year, families repeat this tradition where gatherings become a time that everyone looks forward to. There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes when it comes to planing a holiday gathering. Meal preparation seems to the toughest task to conquer during the holidays. Here are some tips for the cook on how to avoid fatigue during holiday meal preparation.

Large meals take a long time to prepare. This means someone will be spending a lot of time in the kitchen working on various prep spaces, washing dishes and using the stove. As a result, the average person spends several hours standing in the kitchen preparing food. It is often an exhausting process. This often takes some of the joy out of the holidays for the designated cook. Make a menu and stick to it. Some foods can be prepared in advance and stored until time for the family meal. This will help keep exhaustion from setting in by spending so many consecutive hours in the kitchen

Some holiday family gatherings may involve a large group of people. There is nothing wrong with enlisting the help of others. It is a good idea to set aside some time to get together in advance to assign tasks. Some families even have pot luck type meals where each person contributes a specific dish. Some individuals may have a particular food they prefer to prepare. Whatever the case may be, the more help one has in providing the meal, the less stress there will be for the host and cook. With a prepared menu, individual family members can just choose which dish to prepare.

One other way to avoid fatigue during holiday meal preparation is to purchase an anti-fatigue mat to stand on while preparing food. These can be placed on the floor in front of the sink, stove and other prep areas. These are the type of mats used in most all commercial kitchens. This type of mat will help promote foot and knee comfort. They are eco-friendly and easy to clean. No worry about mold or mildew due to resistant qualities of the mat. More information about these mats are available by visiting –